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Post by crash_overrun on Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:03 am

Welcome to OnlineTech Forums.

We appreciate your time signing up in our forum and are hoping that you'll enjoy your stay around here. This forum is created so that all may be organized, user-friendly and orderly managed by Admins and Moderators to preserve your freedom and privacy at the same time.

In relation to this, the forum will be governed by our fair Forum Rules and Regulations to ensure that our forum stays clean and organized.

Forum Rules and Regulations


1. Please add topics only to the right category to keep our forum organized and easy to navigate.

2. Respect other members' posts or comments. Trash talk and harsh words are not tolerable and may receive and infraction from any administrators and/or moderators of a respected forum. Maximum of three (3) same infractions are non-considerable and may result to being permanently banned from the forum.

3. Posting or commenting irrelevant things to a particular topic is not allowed. A warning will be sent to anyone who violate this rule. Maximum of ten (10) warnings of same offense is given prior to being banned from the forum.

4. Posting/commenting nonsense messages to any threads/topics posted by other members' shall also be considered a violation of the general rule.

5. Posting/commenting adult related contents is EXTREMELY prohibited and will result to automatic permanent ban if caught doing similar actions.

6. No posting of SPAM links to any thread/topic/forum, doing so will disable your access to the forum even without prior notice. 

7. Posting a thread/topic similar to any topic on the forum is allowed, however this can only be allowed if the original topic is no longer viewable in the forum and must be tagged with the term REPOST else you will be considered copier of an existing thread which is accompanied with serious consequences.


Users normally perform file sharing to share whatever files they have. However in this forum, we do encourage file sharing but would also like to set file sharing rules in our forum to ensure that our forum has the reputable quality posts/threads that other forums may or may not have.

This rules include:

1. Sharing files is encouraged provided that files shared are safe for all members or users who will see and may use the file.

2. Sharing of files that are classified as adult contents are not allowed.

3. Sharing files posted or contained in a fellow member's thread is allowed provided that it should be linked to the original thread as credit to the original poster.

NOTE: As there will be possible additional rules, please check back to this thread for updated guidelines for this forum.

Thank you.

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