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Software-Related Help Desk Rules Empty Software-Related Help Desk Rules

Post by crash_overrun on Sat Sep 28, 2013 3:23 pm

Welcome to the Software Help Desk

This section is dedicated for your software-related questions whether these questions are about operating systems, software applications and other related software concerns. Posting anything not related to those will be considered as Off-topic posting which is EXTREMELY prohibited in this forum. For general forum rules please click HERE.

Special Forum Rules

All rules stated under the Special Forum Rules shall be applied to the specified forum in which it has been posted and nothing else unless cleared by Administrators and Moderators to be treated such.

RULES on POSTING on the Software-related Help Desk Section.

  • If asking for a particular software-related concern, please include screenshots on your post.
  • If asking for help, ask so nicely and remain respectful.
  • Respect all opinions presented by other members as they might have put some effort before coming up to one.
  • IF the answer or help provided by other member is invalid or incorrect and you think you have the right one, correct so nicely while keeping your respect to avoid offending your fellow member.
  • Monitor your threads everyday to check and see any responses made by other members, update the thread with additional information and etc.
This are our current forum rules for now. As it may be added or revised in the upcoming periods, please check regularly to stay up to date.

Thank you.

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