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Make Money Using Android or IOS

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Make Money Using Android or IOS Empty Make Money Using Android or IOS

Post by mohsen01 on Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:49 pm

This is a tutorial on how to make $5+ easily and in a legitimate way.

First thing you should know is that you will need an android or IOS device.
The app is called Featurepoints and you will be reward with points which can
be redeemed for free gift cards for, Xbox LIVE, Steam, Google Play
and PayPal cash.

1. Just download and try an app in FeaturePoints.
2. Try out the app for at least 1 minute.
3. Once you have received your points you can delete the app and redeem your points for rewards.

Now also don't forget to use my referral code: G4HFPK
It will give you 50 free points but you must do it when signing up as it will not be available later.

For IOS simply go on your device and to
Sign up and then go to settings/safari and click 'accept cookies (from visited)'

For android go to:

Download and sign up
When go to
and complete offers.

Payment Proof:

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Make Money Using Android or IOS Traine10

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