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Rules on Posting - PC Applications Section

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Rules on Posting - PC Applications Section Empty Rules on Posting - PC Applications Section

Post by crash_overrun on Thu Sep 26, 2013 4:46 pm

Welcome to the PC Application section.

We are glad you've decided to join us here. We dedicated this section for computer programs and applications. This section as well as other sections have a set of guidelines to follow especially while posting/commenting. Please be guided accordingly. Any violation is associated with a particular sanction.

PC Application Forum Rules


1. You are allowed to post topics related to software applications only. Any topic other than that will be automatically deleted without prior notice.

2. Copying another member's thread is not allowed. Respect the thread as well as its creator/poster if you as a member wants to be respected in the similar way. The below sanctions shall be implemented to any member caught violating this rule.

a. First Offense - Warning will be given from the Administrators/Moderators.
b. Second Offense - Account will be banned from accessing thr PC Application forums whose rights for posting/commenting will not be available also for the duration of 2 weeks from the time violation have been committed.
c. Third Offense - Permanent deactivation and suspension of violator's account.


1. Responses to particular topics should not fall out of the topic which is being discussed on the said thread/topic. Off-topic responses on sight will be deleted automatically with/without prior notice.

2. Respect the poster and other members' opinions and answers that yours may be respected also. Anyone who will violate this rule shall receive only two (2) warnings and the third would be account suspension and/or deactivation depending on the result of action.


1. Sharing of files and applications are encouraged in this section. But sharing of malware, viruses and other infected files/applications to any member of the forum is EXTREMELY prohibited.
Violators of this rule shall receive the following sanctions:

a. First Offense - Warning from Administrators/Moderators.
b. Second Offense - 2 weeks denied access to the PC Application forum.
c. Third Offense - Suspension to deactivation of account. Sanction will be based on the result of action.

These are the currently established rules and guidelines to follow in this forum. There may be additional forum rules so please stay updated.

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