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PhoneLocator Pro v5.4.2

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PhoneLocator Pro v5.4.2 Empty PhoneLocator Pro v5.4.2

Post by mohsen01 on Sat Feb 15, 2014 4:04 am

PhoneLocator Pro v5.4.2 Unname13

PhoneLocator Pro

PhoneLocator Pro v5.4.2 Msdprw10

PhoneLocator Pro is a must-have security app that will enable you to remotely track the phone position and remotely manage a complete suit of security features. You can launch phone tracking and finding features from any computer with an internet connection, or from any cell phone by sending SMS requests to your lost or stolen device.

DON'T install the app after losing the phone !

PhoneLocator Pro provides absolutely unique features that you cannot find with other security apps:

1. ACCURATE PHONE TRACKING AND LOCATION on your web account if the phone is connected to the internet, or triggered by an SMS, if your phone is not connected to the internet.

2. TAKE PHOTO: will take a photo of the person who tries to unlock the phone, and send it to you (email or Dropbox). It can also be triggered from a command from your web account or from an SMS.

3. RECORD AUDIO: trigger remote audio recording to hear the environment in which your lost phone is.

4. CALLS LOG: to be able to see where the thief is calling, or who's calling him. Can be triggered automatically on SIM swap, or from the web interface or SMS command.

5. GET SMS: get the SMS messages from your phone, in case you forgot your phone at home. You can also refresh the number of messages in your phone, so you can download only the new ones, or the today messages.

6. KEEP THE DEVICE UNLOCKED ON WIFI AND BLUETOOTH: allows you to keep the phone unlocked on known WiFi networks and/or Bluetooth devices (home wifi, car Bluetooth), and immediately lock the phone, when you leave these known WiFi networks/Bluetooth devices.

7. STEALTH MODE turns phone locator pro invisible on your app drawer so you can have the app active without anyone knowing that your phone is protected.

8. SIM CARD SWAP PROTECTION will guard against unauthorised sim change and will lock your phone on such attempt.

9. MAKE YOUR PHONE RING at maximum volume, even if it is on silent or vibrate. It can be triggered, on wrong attempts to unlock the device, or from a command from your web account, or SMS.

10. AUTO ENABLE GPS gives you a more accurate position with phone tracking and location. Due to Android security policies, this feature is available only to experienced users with rooted phones.

11. UNINSTALL PROTECTION keeps the app safe on your phone. It can be uninstalled if you disable admin from within the app main screen, and since the app is protected by a password, unauthorised uninstall will not be possible.

12. OWNER INFO display on locked screen, so you will have a chance to be contacted by the person who found your phone.

13. LOCK SCREEN SERVICES allows you to select what services to launch, and when to launch them. You can for example take picture on first failed attempt to unlock the device, and locate the device on 2nd failed attempt, ring on third failed attempt.

14. WIPE THE PHONE DATA to protect you sensitive data. Can be executed automatically after a number of unsuccessful login attempts or on a command.

15. IMPROVED WEB INTERFACE that allows you to manage the devices, their names, the language of the web interface, change the password of your account....

16. UNIFIED VERSION - the app can be installed on phones or tablets

17. BACKUP & RESTORE your application settings, and restore them at a later time.

18. EMAIL, DROPBOX or both set as receivers for the picture, audio recordings, location.

As you can see, the app is the Swiss army knife of security and phone locate, for Android !
Phone Locator Pro is the right choice in terms of phone security, phone tracker, phone finder. We are providing the most comprehensive array of features aimed to keep you in total control of your phone, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Phone Locator Pro IS NOT A SPY APPLICATION, and it's in our policy to deny features like continuously monitor a device from the web interface !

What's New (Updated 6 February 2014)
Please reveal the app icon, before updating the app !
the reveal app icon number will not be displayed on calls log
addresses an issue where a WiFi network that doesn't report it's BSID could not been registered
WiFi extenders with the same name, must now be registered separately in the app
Requires Android: 2.2 and up

View at: Google Play

Download Link.

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