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Transparent Screen Camera To Capture Pics Secretly

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Transparent Screen Camera To Capture Pics Secretly Empty Transparent Screen Camera To Capture Pics Secretly

Post by mohsen01 on Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:49 pm

Transparent Spy Camera is the app which can be used to capture pictures secretly with no one knowing that you are using camera. A plus point of this app is that you can adjust the transparency level of your display screen and hidden camera anytime according to your convenience. App supports both front camera as well as rear camera of phone and can be used by any of them.Transparent Spy Camera app is basically used to spy using your Android phone and hiding what you are really doing.


The primary feature of app is to make the display of your phone transparent that allows you to see what is going on behind the back of your phone. By default it provides 50% transparency on screen. When you start the app , you are provided with 50% opacity , later you can increase or reduce the value of opacity to match your requirements. You can also rotate the images provided by the camera in any direction if you want. To stop the transparency mode you can simply swipe down the notification bar and there you will find option to stop the spy mode.

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Once you secretly capture picture of your victim half work is done. All the pictures taken by this are hidden in a vault and not visible to anyone. Here one more outstanding feature of this app comes in action. In order to access the hidden pictures , you need to open the pictures folder , click on all pictures and export them.

If you open the picture within the app , it will show a different picture that functions as a facade. It provides one more great feature , you have to enter a password in order to access pictures but if you enter incorrect password , the app will take you to a Fake Note Writing application. It is very useful because there are many people who always try to guess some password for every login screen and because of this feature they will feel that they have successfully logged in but in actual the pics are secure.

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This app comes along with lots of ads. Ads are in the form of pop-ups as well as permanently situated at the top of window. Every-time you move to a new part of the app , a new ad will appear which makes the usability of app a bit difficult. Controls of this app are basically divided into two parts and present at the transparent screen and on settings page. Functionality of app is based on concept of illusion because real pictures are hidden behind the fake once and only real user can have access to those pics.


The performance and speed of running as well as operations is not quite satisfactory for Android below version 3.0 In many lower versions of Android , app keeps on crashing. Especially when you try to set the resolution and opacity of display screen , the app is more likely to crash. The problem doesn't occur in higher versions of Android so if you have Android version higher than 3.0 then app can work fine for you.


You can hide App's icon in launcher screen
Hide pictures automatically
Front and Back Camera support
No rooting of phone is required
Possible to adjust transparency level manually
You dont need to click any button to capture pic , just hold the phone.

Download Link.

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