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iSpyCam - make your own CCTV camera

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iSpyCam - make your own CCTV camera Empty iSpyCam - make your own CCTV camera

Post by vanheartnet on Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:51 am

iSpyCam - make your own CCTV camera FRGUxZB-ojKmHfyWY3Fydn14u-AksbU2EPoewhBO730g9uEw9nChG8-GbYjDAPnKBZw_%3Dw300

Using iSpy you can do pretty much anything, from protecting your business and home with realtime SMS and Twitter alerts to scanning the skies for UFOs, nanny cams, machinery monitoring, neighbourhood watch, iSpy does it all! The best thing about iSpy though is that it's open source and can therefore leverage some of the best open source libraries around representing literally millions of man hours of work - code that isn't available to proprietary developers. No wonder iSpy is the most popular and downloaded home and business security and surveillance application in the world! It's not just us saying that - check out our feedback.
This manual is a detailed guide to how iSpy works, what it can do and how you can get the most out of it. New software can seem daunting at first so we’ve put a lot of effort in to cover the most common scenarios along with comprehensive coverage of every feature of the software. iSpy has been designed to be easy to use although that simplicity belies the complexity under the hood – iSpy is capable of much more than just motion detection! Throughout this guide we assume you have an iSpyConnect subscription and so have access to remote services, alerts, remote commands and the full feature set of the web side of iSpy. Without an online services subscription you are missing out on a large part of the functionality available within iSpy and iSpyConnect. Choose a subscription.

Windows supported
Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 (32 bit and 64 bit supported)
Microsoft .Net framework (v4 client) - will be installed if required
A fast computer, 1Ghz+ recommended
Broadband internet connection (for remote access)

Installation Instruction
1. Download and extract (extract the iso file using power iso)
2. run the iSpySetup (Windows Installer Package)
3. Done!!! Just connect your Webcam then click add camera.

Download Here
(windows 32Bit)
visit Here for more info: iSpy Camera Website

credits to - Cristian Mendoza

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